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Our Journey

The 'Busy beaks box' Dream became reality when managing directors Alexandra and Tina crossed paths in their rescue work, a chance conversation saw the stars align. 


After working many years in rescue separately, both ladies became frustrated with seeing so many unhappy, unhealthy birds and both  shared a single vision, something better for their feathered friends!


With an encyclopaedia of knowledge between them they have seen first hand the impact and suffering as a consequence of poor diet, the behavioural issues arising from lack of education and at times loving families struggle to afford the hiking prices of cages, toys and products Busy Beaks Box was formed.

The mission of Busy Beaks Box is to change the standard of parrot care across the UK. With both of the Directors using diet, training and better husbandry have seen birds in their care flourish and blossom into healthy happy birds.


Alexandra & Tina agree fait stepped in, so with passion and purpose we bring affordable training, parrot products and healthy diets to improve the lives of all our feathered friends one Busy Beak at a time.

Because "A Busy Beak, Is A Happy Beak"

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