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Our Sunflower, Soya & Peanut Free, Special Recipe, Tidymix Daily Diet Blend, is recommended by vets and only available from Busy Beaks Box.

Our recipe is 99% hulled, human grade, edible ingredients to aid in better quality nutrition with reduced waste.

Scientifically proven to be equally as effective as a pelleted diet, providing your parrots with the nutrients they require to keep them happy and healthy.

Containing 18 healthy ingredients -

Hulled Millet, Safflower, Barley grain, Oat groats, brown linseed, barley flakes, whole wheat, Mixed Canary seed, red split lentils, chick corn, brown rice, chopped dates, put lentils, banana chis, garlic sticks, sesame sticks, raisins, kelp powder

Sunflower & Peanut Free, Special recipe Tidymix Parakeet.

  • Store in a cool dry place

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