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The health and healing benefits of Bee Pollen have been known for thousands of years by us pet humans, once known as the nectar of the gods. So here at BBB we dug a little deeper and discovered that Bee Pollen can be a great enriching power house of nutrition! A great boost of fiber with added health benefit, helping to strengthen the immune system, prevent disease, alongside aiding the prevention of nutritional imbalances, deficiency's and accumulation of toxins, offering protection against free radicals.

So we are excited to have incorporated this golden goodie into the BBB range.

As a topper on your feathered friends food is an ideal way to serve as the pollen granules will stick to ingredients and prevent loosing this yummy golden delight of amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids and protein to the bottom of your bowls... with all the excitement don't get carried away, remember everything in moderation as even to much of a good thing can be bad... 'so just a pinch is perfect'

This Product is Organic Spanish Polyfloral Bee Pollen

Organic 'Simply' Bee Pollon

  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight

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