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Traditionally herbs & spices have been used for their natural healing properties for thousands of years.

Here at Busy Beaks Box, we have carefully Blended a selection of organic or No GMO premium human grade ingredients of Herbs & Spices, that are traditionally known to promote liver detoxification, regeneration and aid in promoting liver health, recovery & function.


Valerian root, Aloe powder, Ground Milk thistle herb, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic Powder, Ground Fennel, Ground Rosehip, Dandilion leaf, Ground Nettle, Chilli Flakes, Dill weed, Dandelion Root, Ground Chickweed, Ground Turmeric, Ginger Root, Spearmint

This product is not a substitute for qualified avian vet care & we recommend consulting your vet prior to use.

Do not exceed the usage directions, since many herbs & spices are potent in large quantities.

Nature's Recovery, Food Topper for the Liver

  • While all ingredients are premium human grade, this product is not designed for human consumption.

    Handle with care some ingredients may cause eye or skin irritation on contact, if reactions occurs discontinued use and seek medical advice.

    Store away from children and other pets.

    May cause staining on surface contact.

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